Some good decisions to make in the new year - in the form of a few of the very best causes!

I. Planned Parenthood
No matter your opinions on abortion, Planned Parenthood offers essential services to women. These services do not only include breast cancer scans and contraception, but also teaching women and girls about their health and reproductive rights, which empowers women; those who can control their own bodies are less susceptible to others, including men. Planned Parenthood represents the equal rights struggle, and is a safe space for women to learn and make critical decisions about their lives.
 Planned Parenthood and all it represents is rapidly being made unavailable to lower class women throughout the US as new laws abolishing Planned Parenthood clinics are passed. These laws only disadvantage the lower class, as the upper class is generally capable of travel in the case of need for an abortion. To fight against this injustice, you can donate or volunteer. 

II.  Doctors Without Borders
.... is an organization of doctors who travel to countries in which the need for healthcare is especially high and provide it to those who need it but cannot afford it. What is especially remarkable about Doctors Without Borders is that all of the doctors are volunteers who work for free, so they have no motivation except to help others. To send doctors to these other countries, Doctors Without Borders needs supporters (hopefully including you!). 
A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the organization has basically fixed some of the largest health crises in the world since 1971, so it's worth anyone's time.

III. World Wildlife Fund
Conversations about climate change bring down good cheer, true, but what's worse is how much of it is caused by us. We create a problem, we have to fix it. In spirit of that mentality, support WWF, which drives work behind the sustaining of food, climate & energy, oceans, wildlife, forests and freshwater. So that we can still enjoy what we take for granted now in the next ten years.

IV. Environmental Protection Agency (US)
You can't donate to this governmental agency, but you can advocate for greater care and support of it. The EPA works on the US environmental-policies, but the organization is not headed in good directions under the Trump presidency; Trump has recently appointed at its head a man who has been suing the EPA for years. I'm not sure how Trump's logic worked in this move, but maybe he'll hit us up on Twitter. In the meantime, voice your support for the EPA!

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