Ciao to Franca Sozzani, who voiced many of her opinions on fashion's role in a political and social sphere. Much of the late 2016 was just as defining to history as this editor, and just as Franca Sozzani did, I think it's incredibly important to talk about these moments. 

A lot of what's happening now falls into the category of defining moments: Clinton's loss to Trump, the Democratic party's loss of control in all branches of government, oil spills, rising rape culture, immigrants.... Yes, it's fair to argue that conversation ought not center around the catastrophes of the present, but should rather serve as an escape - yet isn't that what movies, books, time alone are for? Personal growth can also be achieved through time spent with others, which rather than as escape is better used as a stepping stone for addressing the problems we see today.

Diversity and difference among individuals inevitably cause disagreement (which can be unpleasant, granted), but those who persuade, influence others and introduce new ideas inherently become leaders in their contributions to the direction of society. Skilled and ethical debaters can use their voices and venues to promote the growth of healthier; better societies - but to become good, it's only important to practice in everyday conversation.

I've heard arguments considering whether it is just for teenagers to debate politics without much background information, and also whether it is just to debate at all without considerable knowledge in the foreground. In itself, however, discourse has the power to educate and expand perspectives. Debate does not only concern a win-loss aspect, but also the building of arguments based on those the other side presents. In this way, debate often allows for mutual and productive understanding. In addition, discourse occurs inevitably, maybe even in plain discussions of weather, and to suppress it is to suppress a fundamental aspect of growing as a person and society.

In technology, in government, I see remarkable opportunities to change the status quo so I can come home at the end of the day knowing I've done my part as a citizen who has contributed to the greater good of a whole society. But to know what to change? Debate the politics.

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